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Disputes regarding wills, trusts, estates and inheritances are becoming more common in today's times, especially as older generations pass significant wealth to younger family members. We specialize in representing individuals who get involved in such disputes and probate court litigation. We recognize the need to employ our services with sensitivity and diplomacy in seeking to resolve intra family disputes.  We seek where possible to satisfactorily resolve such matters sooner, rather than later, with less legal costs and emotional turmoil to our clients. Cases we have recently handled include the following. We successfully represented a surviving spouse obtain a significant inheritance from his deceased wife who had omitted him from her will and trust.  We successfully assisted a grandchild in securing her inheritance from other warring parties, including a large charitable organization which sought to displace her as trustee and take part of her inheritance. We helped several family members recover from another family member trust funds such person had improperly distributed from a family trust during their mother’s life time.  In each matter, we used our experience to successfully resolve the disputed claims without a trial or deposition testimony from our client, and usually at a cost lower than those charged by competing firms.